Tuesday, 9 May 2017

About Me

Hi, I'm Om. I'm a Civil Engineering Student of Ranchi University, Ranchi, India. I am a fan of Photography, technology and Innovation. I'm also interested in entrepreneurship and design. I'm also a big fan of Indian Cricket Team & Mumbai Indians. I love to explore China, USA & India. I love structures, Green Environment & Eco-friendly nature.  I want to become a Successful Civil Engineer in my life.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Engineers QnA

Why is training to kill people free but Training to save lives cost Thousands of Dollars ?

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How to design a bridge ?

The designer should have first seen and studied many bridges in the course of a long learning process. He should know what type of beam may be suitable in the available conditions, either a beam bridge, an arch bridge or a suspended one. He should also know the influence of foundation conditions on the choice of spans and structural systems etc.

1) A plan of the site showing all obstacles to the bridged such as rivers, streets, roads or railroads, the contour lines of valleys and the desired alignment of the new traffic route.

2) Longitudinal Section of the ground along the axis of the planned bridge.

3) Required width of the bridge, width of lanes, median, walkways, safety rails etc.

4) Soil Conditions for foundations, results of boring with a report on the geological situation and soil mechanics data.

5) Local conditions like accessibility for the transport of equipment, materials and structural elements.

6) Weather and Environmental conditions, floods, high and low tide levels, periods of drought, range of temperature and length of frost periods.

The designer should visit the bridge site and its Environment.

When the Engineer is sure that a design idea has emerged in his mind, he should pick up a pencil and a scale and by the help of sketching, learned at school, he should start from sketching the probable road direction, beam depth, the piers, the abutments and the bottom edge of the beam is drawn.

After the approval of the design, the final design work can begin with rigorous calculations of forces, stresses etc. For all kinds of loads or attacks and then the structural detailing has to be done.

The phase of conceptual and aesthetic design needs a comparatively small amount of time, but is decisive for the expressive quality of the work.

My Inspirational 💐💐

Behind every success of a man, there is a woman.
Behind my success full credit goes to my sweet mom & my beautiful girlfriend.

I love you both of you very much forever. God bless you. Be happy, stay blessed & keep smiling. 😘😍

Why Internship ?

Interns may be college or University Students, high school students, or post- graduate adults.

An Internship is a job Training for white collar and professional careers. Internship are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate.

1) To create a network of Contacts.
2) To acquire a recommendation letter.
3) To add to their CV (Curriculum vitae)
4) To gain School Credit.
5) Real world Experience.
6) Resume Builder & Career Foundation

Monday, 17 April 2017

Why I love Civil Engineering ?

When I cross some bridges by my vehicle then enter a curved road that transfer me to another bridge, I feel comfortable it is a convenient radius and safe inclines, it is definately designed by a civil Engineer !

When I see the high towers, no wonder or fear from its altitude or from its wide areas. Its foundations, columns and whole structure are designed to bear all expected loads. They are designed, molded and executed by a civil Engineer.

When I see airports and runways, the asphalt structure is convenient for planes takeoff and loading, no strangeness for its perfect design. It is designed by a Civil Engineer !

When I pass by a mega project that is under construction every day, i notice the fast work day by day, cranes movement, materials supply, labours, motion, excavation and backfilling. They are all running harmonically, which is not weird, because the project manager, planner and executor are civil Engineers.

Proud to be a Civil Engineer. My dad is also a Civil Engineer. Engineering is in my blood. That's why i love Civil Engineering.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Techkriti IIT Kanpur

Techkriti is Asia largest Techno - Entrepreneural fest organised every year in the month of March at IIT Kanpur Campus. I have Completed my Workshop Bridge Design by Civil Simplified & got Certified there. I have also attend Tech Talks, Exhibitions, Airstrip & Night show of Sonu Nigam (Singer). IIT kanpur is very big & beautiful Campus. A very good platform to show our talent at National level & also for wonderful Experience.😊