Monday, 17 April 2017

Why I love Civil Engineering ?

When I cross some bridges by my vehicle then enter a curved road that transfer me to another bridge, I feel comfortable it is a convenient radius and safe inclines, it is definately designed by a civil Engineer !

When I see the high towers, no wonder or fear from its altitude or from its wide areas. Its foundations, columns and whole structure are designed to bear all expected loads. They are designed, molded and executed by a civil Engineer.

When I see airports and runways, the asphalt structure is convenient for planes takeoff and loading, no strangeness for its perfect design. It is designed by a Civil Engineer !

When I pass by a mega project that is under construction every day, i notice the fast work day by day, cranes movement, materials supply, labours, motion, excavation and backfilling. They are all running harmonically, which is not weird, because the project manager, planner and executor are civil Engineers.

Proud to be a Civil Engineer. My dad is also a Civil Engineer. Engineering is in my blood. That's why i love Civil Engineering.

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